Quickshot: Best Male Masturbator

KSh 5,300

Warning: This Quickshot Male Masturbator will make you cum so fast. You won’t be able to hold back.

No matter how long you last before cumming, this penis stroker will make you ejaculate in no time.

It offers more than what your hand does. You feel the difference from the moment you insert your penis into it.

It has both a pussy and a mouth for oral sex.


Do you desire cumming deep inside a vagina without any risk or guilt? With this Quickshot male masturbator, you can.

When you insert your penis into the vagina canal, the whole of it fits in. The vaginal canal deep.

It is also tight to firmly grip your penis when inside.

And elastic to fit any penis size.

When you stroke your penis, the textured walls of the vagina rub your penis enhancing pleasure.

The more you stroke, the more it sucks your penis inwards. It is made so that every stroke increases the vacuum inside the canal, sucking your penis deeper.

You can’t resist ejaculation. You will explode in ecstasy.


Do you fancy cumming in the mouth? This penis stroker makes it more enjoyable.

The lips wrap around the base of your penis, creating firm grip.

Meanwhile, inside the mouth, the tight, tender walls grip your whole penis.

And with every stroke, in and out, the textured mouth walls rub your penis enhancing the blowjob experience. You will cum in no time.

When you push your penis deeper into the mouth canal, you get a deepthroat experience.

The best thing about that is you can ejaculate deep is inside the mouth, without holding back.

Apply a good quality lube to make the strokes feel sweeter and more pleasurable.

The stroker is discreetly hidden in a black case for your privacy.

This male masturbator is light and fits perfectly in your hand, making you play with it for longer without your hand getting tired and going numb.

The material is realistic, body safe, and long lasting.

Buy this masturbator for men today and cum inside without any guilt or risk.

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Quickshot: Best Male Masturbator

KSh 5,300