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Since 2011, at Wowgasmic, we have been helping thousands of people find their first sex toy. And when our happy clients come back for more, we have always offered them sex toys that have improved their sexual happiness.

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Table of Content

Why did we start the Sex Toys & Sexual Happiness Podcast?

After more than a decade of selling sex toys in Kenya we rebranded from KenyaSecrets to Wowgasmic. Our goal was not to just change the brand name but to also participate more in sex toy education in Kenya. We wanted to destigmatize the use of sex toys in our society and engage you more on matters sex toys.

And that is how the idea of creating the Sex Toys & Sexual Happiness podcast came about.

We hope that through this podcast we will engage you in honest conversations on sex toys. We want to educate you on sex toys and how to play with them and encourage you to buy sex toys and use them more often for your sexual happiness. Whether you are alone or together with your partner.

About the podcast

This is a weekly show where we discuss sex toys and sexual happiness.

It is suitable for adults above the age of 18, whether you are new to sex toys, or have prior experience with sex toys.

The discussions in this show revolve around:

  • What sex toys are
  • How to play with sex toys and get the most fun with them
  • How sex toys are related to your sexual happiness, and
  • How to explore and discover your sexual happiness

We also invite guests to the show to share with us their knowledge & experience with sex toys and sexual happiness, and to teach and advise us on how to have more fun with our sex toys.

Credibility of information shared on this podcast

The information we share with you is carefully composed and compiled by a team of sex toys experts from Wowgasmic. Their expertise comes from over a decade of selling sex toys and helping thousands of clients find the best sex toys for them.

It’s is worth noting that the information shared here isn’t medical advice. It is purely sex toy and sexual happiness advice.

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