Why Do People Use Sex Toys?

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In this episode we will discuss why people use sex toys.

As we discuss this topic, I tell give you of specific reasons why a woman, a man or a couple you would want to play with sex toys and what they would achieve from using them.

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Why do people use sex toys?

Back in 2011 when we started selling sex toys in Kenya, sex toys were largely unheard of in the country. Few people had come across them and using sex toys was strange to many people.

However, over time, that has changed.More people have embraced sex toys and are discovering wonderful sexual experiences using them.

There has been a growing desire among Kenyans to explore more of their sexuality and sexual fantasies.Many Kenyans are using sex toys to get the sexual satisfaction they are not getting in their partners.Some are playing with sex toys with their partners to tease and pleasure each other, while others are using sex toys to explore new sexual experiences.

So, is it normal and ok to use sex toys? Yes, it is perfectly normal and ok to use sex toys.

As I mentioned earlier, sex toys help make our sexual pleasures better and sweeter.Who wouldn’t want that?

Now, let us discuss of specific instances on why a person  would want to play with sex toys.

As a woman, 

  • You can use sex toys to get more orgasms and make them stronger.
  • You can also get that desired vaginal or anal penetration using sex toys such as dildos.
  • Or you can achieve clitoral orgasms by stimulating the clitoris using vibrators, 
  • Also, you can experience g-spot orgasms or squirting by using g-spot vibrators.
  • You can even use sex toys to tighten your you vagina and pelvic floor muscles for more intense orgasms by using Kegel exerciser sex toys.

If you are a man, 

  • You can use sex toys to pleasure yourself or boost your confidence during sex and to enhance your sexual performance.
  • You can get that sweet and intense ejaculation by stroking your penis with masturbation sleeves such as the pocket pussies or Fleshlights, or pussy dolls.
  • You can also massage your prostate by using anal toys and prostate massagers.
  • Still, there sex toys for men that help you prevent or treat premature ejaculation by delaying ejaculation during sex
  • Another reason to use sex toys as a man is to help prevent and treat erectile dysfunction by making your penis erection last longer and remain hard and strong during sex.

In the case of couples,

  • You can include sex toys in your sexual intimacy to tease and pleasure each other 
  • You can use them to explore your sexual fantasies together, and
  • You can also enjoy BDSM, kinky sex, fetishes and role play with your partner using sex toys.

In a nutshell, we play with sex toys to experience sexual happiness! 

Thank you for listening to this episode.

It is my hope you have learnt something new about sex toys and gotten a desire to play with them.

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