What are Sex Toys?

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I’m Chester.

In this episode, I will tell you what sex toys are.

By the end of this episode, you will have a clear understanding of what sex toys are and the different categories of sex toys there are.

What are Sex Toys?

Sex toys are the gadgets we use for sexual arousal and pleasure during masturbation or sex.

These gadgets enable us experience enhanced sexual pleasure, wonderful sexual experiences and also to explore our sexual fantasies.

Some sex toys are made to resemble genitals like the penis, vagina, breasts and even the anus.

Sex toys are inserted or used to stroke the sexually sensitive parts of the body where a person gets sexually aroused and sexual pleasure such as the vagina, clitoris, g-spot, breasts, nipples and anus in women and the penis, perinium, scrotum, prostate and anus in men.

Sex toys can be used by women and men for self-pleasure and couples to tease and pleasure each other.

Examples of sex toys are 

  1. Dildos
  2. Vibrators
  3. Cock Rings or penis rings,
  4. Penis Pumps, Pussy pumps,
  5. Anal Toys
  6. Masturbation Sleeves, 
  7. Bondage Toys and Kits
  8. Kegel balls, and
  9. Strap-On or Harness Sex Toys

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