Types of Orgasms for Women & How to Get Them

a woman having an orgasm
A woman having an orgasm

Orgasm is great.

And you can have 9 different kinds of orgasms from various sexual pleasure zones of your body.

1. Vaginal Orgasms

Most women have experienced this kind of orgasm.

You get this orgasm from vaginal stimulation through penetration and stroking with a penis, or sex toys such as dildos. The penetration and stroking rubs your vagina walls stimulating them till climax. During this orgasm, you may experience multiple contractions of your vagina walls, and secretion of fluids from the vagina.

2. Clitoral Orgasms

These are the most easily achieved orgasms.

They originate from the clitoris and flood all over your body.

To get clitoral orgasms, rub, squeeze, have you clitoris licked or sucked to sexually stimulate it. Use fingers, tongue, or clitoris sex toy stimulators such as lipstick vibrator etc to stimulate and pleasure your clitoris.

You may experience squirting from clitoral stimulation.

image 20160413 23623 t84zpo.png
Location of g-spot and how to stimulate it to get g-spot orgasms

3. G-Spot Orgasms

You get these orgasms from stimulating the g-spot.

The g-spot is the second most sexually sensitive part of a woman, after the clitoris. When rubbed with fingers, an erect penis, or g-spot vibrators, you get a g-spot orgasm.

It is a sweet intense feeling of pleasure that may lead to squirting.

4. Blended Orgasms

These are the most intense orgasms because they are two or more orgasms occurring at the same time.

How do you get blended orgasms?

Stimulate two or more pleasure zones at once. Like rubbing the clitoris and stimulating the g-spot at the same time. You may need a partner or a sex toy such as a rabbit vibrator to simultaneously trigger more than one pleasure spot at once.

Women who have experienced this orgasm, swear it is so intense that it leaves you breathing hard.

5. Anal Orgasms

Yes, some women experience anal orgasms.

They feel different from the other kinds of orgasms.

To experience this kind of orgasm, you need anal penetration and stroking by a penis, dildo or anal toys. Make sure to lubricate the stroking object well as the anus does not self-lubricate.

6. Nipple Orgasms

Your nipples are another pleasure zone that can give you an orgasm when stimulated by rubbing, licking, sucking or pinching. Your fingers, tongue or sex toys can do the work for you.

images 3
Location of the cervix and how to stimulate it to get a cervical orgasm

7. Cervical Orgasms

These happen deep inside the vagina, at the cervix.

Cervical orgasms cause flooding of pleasure throughout the whole body and may cause uncontrolled shivers of ecstasy.

To get them, you need deep vaginal penetration so that the penis or dildo strokes the cervix for stimulation leading to a cervical orgasm.

mypornsnap.fun a spot dildo masturbation techniques
Location of the a-spot and how to stimulate it to get an a-spot orgasm

8.  A-Spot Orgasms

The A-Spot is a sexual pleasure zone found right above the cervix.

When stimulated enough, you achieve an A-Spot orgasm.

To get it to the A-Spot, deep vaginal penetration from a long, firm object like a penis or dildo is necessary.

9. Multiple orgasms

This is when you get one orgasm after another. Either one right after the other or after a short rest.

And whatever orgasm(s) you get (either clitoral, vaginal, g-spot etc.), getting multiples of it is pure bliss.

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