7 Tips To Consider When Buying Sex Toys Online in Kenya

In the last decade, the number of online adult sex toys stores in Kenya have also been on the steady rise with the first online sex toys shop being registered in 2010. In 2011, two more online shops were registered and currently (2020) there are about 15 of them.

Most of these shops have their own online e-commerce stores while some rely wholly on social media platforms to sell their goods. Facebook & Instagram are the most preferred platforms for sellers who don’t have their own online shops.

The Customers’ Experience

As many people are discovering sex toys in Kenya, their experience with online shops has been far from pleasant. Comments shared by clients online on social media platforms show that majority expressed their dissatisfaction with the quality of products, failed or delayed delivery of their packages, poor customer service among others. Only a few of those who shared their thoughts pleasant experience.

What do you need to consider when buying sex toys in Kenya?

Many shoppers continue being unaware of what a fulfilling shopping experience for sex toys should be like. Well, this is why we are writing this article to enlighten you.

Below are 7 factors to consider when deciding which is the best online adult store to purchase from.

1. Product and Site Reviews

customer feedback on product and site reviews
Customer feedback

This factor by itself, is enough to make you decide whether to buy a certain toy or whether trust a certain online store. We all love to hear what other people before us experience with the online store and product to help us make judgement whether to proceed or take caution.

An online sex store should display reviews of their products, and site. By doing this a shopper sees what other users experienced during their shopping journey, feedback on why loved or hated the product(s) they purchased!

Does the shop show reviews from Verified Buyers? These are the most credible reviews since they come from people who have had interaction with the online shop and their products.

Be suspicious of a site that only displays positive reviews.

2. Privacy & Discretion

safe privacy and discretion
Private and confidential

Your information should be secure. You may not want strangers & friends knowing you purchased a sex toy, neither do you want your email, telephone number, delivery address r any information that may identify you being shared online for people to see. The online sex toys shop should make sure your information is safely stored (if at all they store it). 

They should have a privacy policy that states how they save and store their clients’ information and what they may use it for.

3. Discreet Packaging & Delivery

discreet packaging & delivery an unbranded brown packaging box
An unbranded brown packaging box

No one wants their neighbor, colleague or any stranger knowing you received a package containing a sex toy. It should be your private business. 

What does the site say about how they will package your parcel? The store should be able to send your parcel in unbranded packaging boxes / security tamperproof envelopes.

4. High Quality Product Images

We definitely want to see the product the intend to purchase and how it looks is a key factor on why we buy it. 

An online store should display high quality images taken of the real product and it’s packaging. These show you better details of the product and may be proof that indeed the shop is selling the same product as it looks.

Blurry and low quality images could be proof images downloaded from other websites and may not be identical to the product being sold in that store.

5. Detailed Product Description

Another determining factor of whether we buy a product is what the seller says about it. A comprehensive description should solve the following questions:

  • What are the features of the sex toys?
  • What is the cost?
  • How does it feel to the skin?
  • Who is it for?
  • What is the size (length, girth)?
  • What material is made of? 

6. Knowledge & Authority in Matters of Sex Toys

Does the online store provide you with more information about sex toys or do they just offer the products for sale?

A online store that shows authority and knowledge in sex toys has the following:

  • Sex Toy Guides to help you choose the best sex toys for you, 
  • A frequently updated sex toys blog
  • Frequent social medial updates
  • Information to help you understand, use, clean & store sex toys,
  • New information on new development in sex toys industry, 
  • Reviews by verified buyers

7. Product Return Policy & Guarantee / Warranty

An online shop that sells high quality products and provides customers with the best shopping experience should allow you to return a product if it faulty/broken at the time of delivery or breaks down during the warranty period.

Make sure to read the Return Policy & Product Guarantee / Warranty from the online shop before purchasing.


Whenever you decide to shop for sex toys in Kenya online, you want to buy from the an online store that provides you with the best experience when buying. You want to buy a product from a point of confidence knowing it will serve your needs. You also want to shop from a trustworthy online sex toys shop with a reputation of high quality products, and 100% delivery fulfilment.

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